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What is a pet urine pad? What are the benefits of using a pet urine pad?

Pet diapers are very practical. Nowadays, almost all pet owners can use them, which is similar to that of people, especially some clean friends. This really solves a big problem. How to choose a diaper with high cost performance? Let's explain it in detail:

First of all, we need to know what pet diapers are used for: in fact, they are the same as those used by people. Pets may urinate everywhere at home and make the home very dirty. Pet diapers must be strong in water absorption, dry and sanitary, not easy to leak, and the feces have a taste. It is better for the urine pad to have its own fragrance, which can make the home more sanitary. Also, if you use the urine pad for a long time, the pet will know that it is convenient to dilute at a fixed point!

1. Pets have different sizes, and diapers have different sizes. They should be selected according to different sizes. They should be large rather than small, thick rather than thin.

2. Don't just look at the package. For example, the bulk goods we received are also good. For the same number of pieces, you can see the weight. The heavier the weight, the thicker the thickness and the greater the cotton content.

3. Smell: good pet diapers have almost no odor when they are disassembled, while poor quality diapers have a strong smell of disinfectant water. It is best not to buy such products because they not only have poor urine absorption effect, but also harm the dog's body.

4. When buying diapers, pull them. Because pets like to tear diapers, don't buy those that are especially easy to break, but strong ones can.

5. Diapers can be bought nearby. In many places, the delivery fee is more expensive than diapers. Diapers are sold, so you should not choose sellers far away!

6. Brand, diapers don't need to buy many good brands. The key is practical. Many small factories can also make diapers. After all, they are consumables.


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